Beach Vibes & Bohemian Waves Anklets

Inspiration can be found just about anywhere. Sometimes from flipping through a magazine, the cover of a book or the colour of someone’s shirt. Maybe it’s an outfit you plan to wear or gift your giving. Could just be the mood your in at that point in time.

Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of beach and ocean photos. You know the ones of everyone’s vacations that show up on your social media feed? Yes those ones. They got me thinking about the summer and cottages or trips to the beach. Tanned legs and cute painted toes. And of course ankle bracelets popped into my head. What a perfect addition to Whiskey Angel Designs for the upcoming summer season.

A bohemian vibe with sunfish, anchor or turtle accents. Perfect as a single bracelet, or a few for a nice funky layered effect!

All you need to do is add the beach!