Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Books or Paper

With my deep love of books and reading I thought I would have chosen a one for this challenge.

This was taken a few years back when my son hit the Jackpot at the Midway in Niagara Falls.  I probably spent more money on tokens for the games than the actual prize was worth, but he had so much fun.  His face says it all!  Little paper tickets equalled giant loads of excitement.


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

Golden Like Whiskey Sunshine

There is something so beautiful about the colour of whiskey.  How the light hits it a certain way.  Sometimes amber or caramel in colour or golden like liquid sunshine.  Seeing its flaxen transparency through the bottle.

Whiskey has become by go to drink over the last few years.  Something that I have grown into.  I find something very relaxing about a glass of whiskey.  After a day at work,  or a drink on a patio during the summer.

Or maybe the comforts it brings in a Hot Toddy on a frigid winters night.

We are so lucky here in Canada, specifically for me in Ontario, to have some great distillers, like Forty Creek and Wayne Gretzky’s,  available to us.




The Daily Post – Photo Challenge – Liquid

Wandering Without A Plan

I love small city life.  Enough going on to make things exciting.  No bumper to bumper traffic, but not small enough where everybody knows everybody.   I like that I don’t have to pack a lunch just to get across town.

I live relatively close to Toronto and maybe only go there twice a year, if that, usually for a Blue Jays game in the summer.   Its a lot of work to get into and out of Toronto.  The 50 min drive is usually more like 2 – 2 1/2 hrs.  There is always lots going on but I can never work myself up enough to want to deal with the congestion of traffic and people, so I just don’t.

But with that being said,  I love New York City.  I have been there more times then I can count.  I love everything about it.  The vibe in New York is unlike any other place I have been in the world.  Specifically, I love Times Square.   I love just sitting in the centre of it all and sucking in the energy.  This is the one place that traffic doesn’t bother me.  Where the crowds of people don’t annoy me.  Where I just feel so relaxed and at ease. 1924044_43867837246_6321_n

I always go without any plan in place and just wander. Time doesn’t matter. In New York it seems endless.

The Daily Post – Photo Challenge – Place In The World


Kissing The Shoreline

I love listening to the water moving to and from the shoreline.  May it be against the sand or rocks or whatever it kisses up against.   Sometimes it just lingers there quietly and other time is dominating and aggressive as the edges meet.

On this day, it was calm and peaceful.  A perfect day to walk along the shore, finding treasures in the sand and skipping rocks along the top.


The Daily Post – Photo Challenge – Lines