Rating Mondays on a Scale of 1 to “I’ll give you my kidney to skip today”

Why is it that we hate Monday’s so much?  Is that our weekend wasn’t  long enough? Or that its the first early morning of a 5 day work week?  Maybe its having to make school lunches or listening to your kids complain about having to go to school? Or having to tell them yet again, to get ready for school. 93454dba4c03f3da46e85332c728ef4b

I have been a long time sufferer of what I call Sunday Night Anxiety.   It usually happens around that time of day on Sunday that is called Smonday.

For me, its just the thoughts of starting a new week.   The feeling of having to do something.   There in never really a reason for it, it just is.

So how do we stop this dreaded Monday feeling? Maybe its just a simple as changing our routines?  Or looking at it differently.   Finding the good things about the day.

I recently read a blog post titled Tell Me Something Good by Leslie Nichole The premises behind the post was to share something good that happened instead of focusing so much on the negative.

So what if we applied that to Mondays?  What if, instead of looking at Monday as the black sheep of the week, we6c000ef9841d390268066f4268370b66 looked at it in a more positive way. Stopped hitting the snooze button a dozen times, or offering to sell a kidney to stay in bed longer.

What if we looked at Monday as a fresh start to a new week?  A chance to be amazing?  Shake things up a bit?

Who knows what the possibilities could be!!!!

Or may Mondays will always just be that day of the week we want to punch in the face!

Whatever your feelings…..enjoy today however it works best for you

Pop Up Bunnies Just In Time for Easter

This morning my mom and I, along with some friends of ours, enjoyed the tranquil and relaxing atmosphere of The Watering Can. This weekend they were offering a Spring Fresh DIY Pop Up workshop. The completed 8″x5″ planter has a beautiful assortment of colours, with a cute little bunny ornament to finish it off.

The workshop, a cost of $20, was pre-booked and not surprising, was sold out in all time slots.

Long workstations are set up and all the supplies set out, just leaving us to pick which plants we wanted to use.

Our mini gardens were colourful and included Campanula, Star of Bethlehem and Kalanchoe.

Everything was planted in a stone planter and topped off with a colour moss and a bunny nestled in the centre of it all!

And presto, we have a Spring Fresh planter.

This was my first workshop at The Watering Can and I would definitely do it again. It’s a great activity for a girls day. The sun was shining, the birds were singing and the smells were amazing. We had time to talk and laugh all well putting our planters together

Afterwards we strolled though the displays and plants they had in their shop. There is also a little cafe onsite, with many yummy treats for sale.

So next time you are in the Vineland, Ontario area, pop into The Watering Can and enjoy!