Day 22 -The Road To 2 Chesticles

Yup! 3 weeks down and 5 to go on the 8 Week Challenge

This week I am in cottage country and very determined to stay on track…with maybe a few alcoholic cheat days. I mean it’s the cottage right???

At this point I have no sugar or pop cravings at all. Even the huge bag of cottage candy is no longer taunting me. The Hot Lips are wanting me to kiss them.

I have stalled this week on weight loss but I am told this is normal as the body adjusts. I do have a number in mind for the end of week 4 because really, I want to do another spastic nude happy dance on the bathroom scale.

3 weeks ago who would have known that dates and prunes and hemp hearts and dates would become my new best friends.

So now I am off because I have to pee…..again!

Day 18 – The Road to 2 Chesticles

So here I am at day 18 of 56 days on the 8 Week Challenge.


I am officially over the sugar craving, oh yeah!!!  No more wanting to eat the Candyland pieces.

I was experiencing some serious hot flashes and heavy duty sweating over the weekend and into Monday.  You would have thought I was going through menopause.  My poor husband was so sick of hearing “Holy shit is soooo hot in here, I’m dying its so hot” It wasn’t hot, it was totally just me.

So on Tuesday I thought it would be a fantastic idea to get some exercise in at Skyzone, our local indoor trampoline park.  First, I’ve never been on a trampoline before, ever! Second, I am out of shape.  Third, I am chesty.  So glad I strapped the girls down because I’d be sporting some black eyes right now.

I was exhausted by the end and could hardly walk the next day.  I’m pretty sure I needed a scooter to get myself around.  Okay, okay, it wasn’t that bad, but I likely wouldn’t do it again.  I will remain a specter in the sport of trampolining.

Otherwise things are going awesome!!!  I had a goal weight in mind for this end of the third week and I hit it on Monday!! Oh yeah baby!!! I have another goal set for the end of the 4th week, so fingers crossed.

Next week we will be away at the cottage so I am hoping that I won’t be seduced by the naughty temptresses called junk food and alcohol.  I really want to hit that target.

I did have a small cheat last night.   Just a wee one.  Our cat of 17 years had to move on to kitty heaven and I was so sad and had many tears.  When we got home, I made my husband and I a whiskey to relax.  But just one! It was deserved.

But today is a new day, and I’m right back at it.  Started off my day with a yummy Greek yogurt breakfast. IMG_3161

1/2 cup plain Greek yogurt

Handful of blueberries and raspberries

1 Tbsp of Chia Seeds

1 Tbsp of Hemp Hearts

1 Tbsp of Oats

Small handful of almonds





Day 13 – The Road To 2 Chesticles

Almost 2 weeks in of the 8 Week Challenge and I’m still going strong.

My husband and son are still living in the same house as me, so that a good sign that things are going well.

I’ve haven’t had any weight change in the past couple of days. I have a goal number for the end of the week, fingers crossed I can get there. I’m sooooo close right now.

Maybe if I put more effort into the dreaded exercise. Gah, I’m just so lazy….this struggle is real! Maybe a power shop around the mall and a few heavy shopping bags to go along with it!!!

So I wanted to share my new morning smoothie obsession! I’m in love! I’m sure there is a name for it, but I have no idea!!! We will call it Morning Obsession

I’m not a measurer but this is the appx recipe:

1 cup Almond Milk

1 Tbsp Hemp Hearts

1 Tbsp Chia Seeds

1 Tbsp Almond Butter

4-5 Pitted Dates

1 Small Banana or 1 Half Large Banana

Some Ice

Blend it all together and voila you have my Morning Obsession

If you give a try let me know what you think!

Day 10 – The Road To 2 Chesticles

Here I am at Day 10 of 56 days on the 8 Week Challenge

At this point I haven’t cheated, although last night was the first time I really considered it. I wanted something junky so badly. (My phone autocorrected junky to kinky…glad I caught that one before I posted. That’s a topic for another day)

So this craving was intense. Plus I was feeling super hungry. I almost gave in. That little devil on my shoulder kept egging me on. But I held strong in my willpower.

So here’s what ate to beat the craving and get my sweet fix:

Terra’s Sweets and Beets. Just a small handful of this yummy goodness was enough to satisfy my sweet tooth.

Another option would have been any these Larabars.

Oh and I did another naked seizure dance on my scale this morning. Yoohoo, two boobies here I come!

Lastly, they say you are what you eat. I want to eat a skinny person. They will make a movie out it and call it Alive: The Gym Addition