New Release | Crystal Tide | Amanda V Shane

Happy Release Day Amanda V Shane!!!

Crystal Tide, Book 2 in her Tides of Atlantis series releases today.

About The Book

Devastated by the loss of both parents and running scared after a break-in at her home, 51gdPwB3HXLKay Laurens jumps on the first plane out of Denver heading south to Miami. There she meets up with, of all people, a love psychic for answers. On the tip of the Bermuda Triangle, she is swept up into the dark world of an ancient cult and sent on the ride of her life. Then her incense induced visions come to life in the form of an inter-world travelling, suspicious and sinfully hot immortal agent for Mt. Olympus.

Xieran has no memory of who he was before being stolen by Hermes. The Greek god uses him to enter Earth’s sphere under the guise of an affluent art dealer in search of an elusive artifact which, if he can find, will win him his freedom. When his latest mission is brought up short by a female grad student breaking into his complex travel system, he can’t help but be suspicious. It makes no difference that he finds her more and more irresistible with each encounter. With demon outbreaks, nefarious characters working in the Underworld and a power struggle of epic proportions going on, no one can be trusted.

As they are thrown into the Tides together, Kay and Xieran set out on a whirlwind adventure, racing through the streets of Rome, Miami and even Western Australia to chase down the answers that will win them their freedom from the overbearing gods. Will they come to terms with destiny and conquer the evil taking over the Tides, or will they succumb to the passion growing between them?

Join the forming crew of Poseidon’s defenders against the Underworld in book two of Amanda V. Shane’s Tides of Atlantis series!

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Read my review of Moontide, Book 1 of Tide of Atlantis here.


About the Author
Amanda is a Colorado native and fully admits to being a library dork growing up. To thisheadshots-002 day, she loves the smell of book paper on an almost fetish level (okay, maybe not, but that gives you a peek into the dark and twisted mind of this author). One of her first book romances came at the age of nine when, in a far back aisle, she found the story of King Arthur and was entranced by the blood purple canvas cover with gold leafing (she likes shiny things.)
Since then, she’s been hooked on stories with magic, mythical beings, daring heroes and, of course, desperate romance. Today, all of the thumbnails on her e-reader sport book covers with chiseled jaws and “shiny” abs but the stories are no less magical, no matter what genre.
She writes paranormal and fantasy romance from her home where she lives with her family and a Bassett hound who she routinely has to fight for the “soft” end of the couch to set up with her laptop. She likes chocolate, wine, coffee and kids, in no particular order.
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