Day 28 – The Road to 2 Chesticles

Okay, so vacation is done and I am back at the 8 Week Challenge in full force.

If you’ve following along on this journey you will know that I was away at the cottage last week with a group of friends and I was really worried about being able to stay on track.   I mean there is so much goodness at the cottage.  Its usually a time to junk out! And those gooey marshmallows that I love to burn to a crisp, how could I pass those up right???  Good thing for fire bans.

So I allowed myself 2 cheat days.  I gave myself permission to have a few, that’s putting it mildly, adult beverages and 1 ice cream.  The ice cream tasted terrible, the beverages however most certainly did not.  As you may know, whiskey it my drink of choice.  I mean it’s like the pecan pie of the liquor world.  All that amber coloured goodness.  Now normally, pre-challenge, I would pair it with diet Pepsi, yes Pepsi because its way better that coke and yes aspartame….I know, I know, its bad for me.    So I chose I carbonated lemon water instead.  Quite delicious I must say.


So other than those 2 cheats, I stayed right on track.  I was so super excited to come home and jump on that scale.  I was quite active while we were away.  My knee’s will agree.  Not like that, get your minds out of the gutter.  So I was kind of disappointed that I didn’t lose any weight from the beginning of the week, but on the bright side I didn’t gain any either.

Yesterday was the half way point, yup can’t believe its been 4 weeks already.  It was weigh in day and I completely missed it, so I did my stats this morning. So after 4 weeks these are my results

weigh in

So excited to see what the end results bring.


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