Day 10 – The Road To 2 Chesticles

Here I am at Day 10 of 56 days on the 8 Week Challenge

At this point I haven’t cheated, although last night was the first time I really considered it. I wanted something junky so badly. (My phone autocorrected junky to kinky…glad I caught that one before I posted. That’s a topic for another day)

So this craving was intense. Plus I was feeling super hungry. I almost gave in. That little devil on my shoulder kept egging me on. But I held strong in my willpower.

So here’s what ate to beat the craving and get my sweet fix:

Terra’s Sweets and Beets. Just a small handful of this yummy goodness was enough to satisfy my sweet tooth.

Another option would have been any these Larabars.

Oh and I did another naked seizure dance on my scale this morning. Yoohoo, two boobies here I come!

Lastly, they say you are what you eat. I want to eat a skinny person. They will make a movie out it and call it Alive: The Gym Addition

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