Day 8 – The Road To 2 Chesticles

Let’s talk about poop baby, let’s talk about poop and me!!!

Here I am, Day 8 of the 8 Week Challenge!

So poop!! Can I just say that I have never had more regular and so many poops in my life.

Side note: I started this post early this morning and got sidetracked. During that sidetrack, Briar from the 8 Week Challenge sent out her daily up date and guess what??? It’s about poop!! Turns out minds think the same s$&tty thoughts. Lol!!!

Anyway, let’s pop back to my habits on the porcelain throne, because I know you all want to hear about it!

Previous to the challenge I would usually have a bowel movement once every couple of days. Sometimes I would even go as long as 10 days between each bowel movement. Now???? In the past 3 days I am going an average of 5-6 times a day. Who the hell knew my body had that much poop!! I feel so cleaned out!

Now enough of my bathroom adventures.

As of Day 8 my craving for sugar had pretty much diminished. Yesterday we attended a Canada Day BBQ, for which I made a brownie mars bar cheesecake. Let’s take a moment to worship the ground that cheesecake walks on. So….I had none and didn’t even feel the need to have any. On top of that I stuck to friendly challenge foods all weekend. No veering off course!

Oh yeah baby!!! High five anyone????

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