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Morgan Freeman says it best: “Go The Fuck To Sleep”


I think every parent know that frustration of getting to the end of the day and your child will not go to sleep.  For some its just a faze and for others its a constant nightly battle.  Your child could right a book on excuses to delay the inevitable bedtime.  They have never had to pee more, drink more, or been more starving then at bedtime.

And us as parents??  We are freaking exhausted.  We just want some quiet. Some down time. Some me time.  Kids just don’t care!

If you are the parent of a child who goes to bed peacefully and on their own, then your a unicorn and will be the subject of tonight’s voodoo doll…..Just kidding, kinda, no really I am, maybe.

So all this bedtime battles normally takes place when kids are toddlers and maybe a bit older.   But what happens when this battle is still taking place in an older child? 478d8d7e0c63645b83a2a3d224459918When it turns from just not wanted to go to bed, to anxieties about going to bed.   And I am not writing this because I have any tips or tricks.  Actually I’ve have none.

I am writing this because I have none and desperately need some.

My son is 12 years old.  Extremely outgoing.  Loves being busy and is very social and independent from us, except for at bedtime.   He could be gone from first thing in the morning to late and night and be completely fine away from my husband and I, but when bedtime hits he needs to be home.  And not only that, he gets anxious at bedtime.  He has these anxieties about being awake and we are asleep.  Or not being aware of where we are in the house while he is trying to fall asleep.

He will not go for sleepovers at friends houses.  And he doesn’t even try to make excuses as to why he can’t.  He just tells them outright that he likes sleeping at home.  He is not at all embarrassed about it.

Now that he is getting old though, he is wanting to stay up later.  I am getting older and going to be earlier.  This is not a winning situation.  And I will say, and my husband will be completely agree, I am to blame in a lot of this.  I enabled it to happen for far longer than it should have.  Laying with him to fall asleep well past the years when he should have been learning to self sooth.

sleep7And I will agree a lot of it was purely selfish.  It was the end of the day and I just wanted him to go the fuck to sleep!  So why not lay with him if that was the fastest route from A to B.

Well his sleep anxieties now are why not!!!

So I am asking for help.  Have you experienced this with your older son or daughter, and if yes? What helped? Did they just grow out of it on their own? Tough love?

I have read many articles but they always seem to be geared towards younger children.  Nothing much for the older child.

We have tried Melatonin, but I really don’t want him to become dependant on a sleeping aid.  He gets tons of exercise.  Eats pretty well.

Really it just about getting him past this fear.  And I’d like to break it now because I don’t want him to miss out on things in life…… Let’s secure the unsecure!

Release & Review | Indeed | Amabel Daniels

Happy Release Day Amabel Daniels

About the Book

Ready to indulge her wanderlust, hotel server Louie finds herself stuck in Miami with a 513SDg4JbmLbroken-down car. Her plans to skip town are foiled until a disheveled, handsome man makes her an offer she can’t refuse—five grand to act as his arm candy for the night. No strings attached.

Desperate to get a promotion to VP, but sabotaged by his bachelor status, Marc panics and asks one of the workers at the company’s banquet to stand in as his date for the evening. Lying isn’t his forte, but with Louie at his side, he hopes he’s leveled the playing field.

Louie figures it would just be an adventure to laugh about later. But when his boss also insists she come along on their business cruise, Marc invites her, excited to see her again, even though they are only pretending at love. Charmed by his clumsiness and intelligence, she agrees, only to regret her decision when something continues to build between her and Marc. Something neither can consider acting on because…he’s paying her…and neither is willing to mix money with love.

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My Thoughts

I received an ARC of Indeed from Amabel Daniels for my honest opinion.

This was my first read by Miss Daniels and I’m glad I chose well because I wasn’t disappointed.

Right from the beginning I could tell that Indeed would be different from your typical HEA. The chemistry and the witty banter between Louie and Marc was really well written. I was hooked into the plot right from the beginning all the way through to the end.

Told from a dual POV, with a strong female lead, Indeed is a perfect summer or weekend read. It has everything that you are looking for all between 2 gorgeous covers.

Amabel Daniels weaves her words and entangles her readers. She writes with wit and humour but never loses sight of her end goals. The happily ever after.

Definite 5 Star read for me!


About the Author

Amabel Daniels lives in Northwest Ohio with her patient husband, adventurous toddler, OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAsmiley baby, and a collection of too many cats and dogs. Although she holds a Master’s degree in Ecology, her true love is finding a good book. When she isn’t spending time outdoors, she’s busy brewing up her next novel, usually as she lets her mind run off with the addictive words of “what if…”


Amabel will also be an attending author at this year’s Once Upon A Book in Michigan.


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New Release | Crystal Tide | Amanda V Shane

Happy Release Day Amanda V Shane!!!

Crystal Tide, Book 2 in her Tides of Atlantis series releases today.

About The Book

Devastated by the loss of both parents and running scared after a break-in at her home, 51gdPwB3HXLKay Laurens jumps on the first plane out of Denver heading south to Miami. There she meets up with, of all people, a love psychic for answers. On the tip of the Bermuda Triangle, she is swept up into the dark world of an ancient cult and sent on the ride of her life. Then her incense induced visions come to life in the form of an inter-world travelling, suspicious and sinfully hot immortal agent for Mt. Olympus.

Xieran has no memory of who he was before being stolen by Hermes. The Greek god uses him to enter Earth’s sphere under the guise of an affluent art dealer in search of an elusive artifact which, if he can find, will win him his freedom. When his latest mission is brought up short by a female grad student breaking into his complex travel system, he can’t help but be suspicious. It makes no difference that he finds her more and more irresistible with each encounter. With demon outbreaks, nefarious characters working in the Underworld and a power struggle of epic proportions going on, no one can be trusted.

As they are thrown into the Tides together, Kay and Xieran set out on a whirlwind adventure, racing through the streets of Rome, Miami and even Western Australia to chase down the answers that will win them their freedom from the overbearing gods. Will they come to terms with destiny and conquer the evil taking over the Tides, or will they succumb to the passion growing between them?

Join the forming crew of Poseidon’s defenders against the Underworld in book two of Amanda V. Shane’s Tides of Atlantis series!

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Read my review of Moontide, Book 1 of Tide of Atlantis here.


About the Author
Amanda is a Colorado native and fully admits to being a library dork growing up. To thisheadshots-002 day, she loves the smell of book paper on an almost fetish level (okay, maybe not, but that gives you a peek into the dark and twisted mind of this author). One of her first book romances came at the age of nine when, in a far back aisle, she found the story of King Arthur and was entranced by the blood purple canvas cover with gold leafing (she likes shiny things.)
Since then, she’s been hooked on stories with magic, mythical beings, daring heroes and, of course, desperate romance. Today, all of the thumbnails on her e-reader sport book covers with chiseled jaws and “shiny” abs but the stories are no less magical, no matter what genre.
She writes paranormal and fantasy romance from her home where she lives with her family and a Bassett hound who she routinely has to fight for the “soft” end of the couch to set up with her laptop. She likes chocolate, wine, coffee and kids, in no particular order.
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Day 30 – The Road to 2 Chesticles

Ice, Ice, Baby…..or rather melted ice, ice, baby!

So I am at Day 30 of 56 Days on the 8 week challenge.

Not much to report about at this point other than as of yesterday morning I am officially more than 1/2 way past my weight loss goal.  Whoooooo!!! (Please read this in a Rick Flair voice)

I just wanted to mention water today.  Before the challenge started I drank water.  Not a ton, but I enjoyed and made sure to drink it throughout the day.

Part of this challenge is to drink roughly 64 – 80 oz of water a day.  I thought to myself, f5b1fdc0cfc187d30691d3bda9e7e52e--drink-water-quotes-drink-more-waterthere is no way 1. I can drink that much water and 2. that my poor tiny little bladder can handle it.  I mean I felt like I spent a ton of time in the washroom already!!!

It was a bit of a struggle in the beginning days of the challenge, but now?!?!?! Now, my body craves water. I can easily surpass the 80 oz.  I mean I usually have about 30 oz drank before I leave for work in the morning.  I drink it all day long.  I am actually enjoying all those trips to the washroom….I mean they count as exercise right???

So now, 50 days in, I see the importance of water and I’m loving every last drop of it.



Share Your World | July 23, 2018

Here my take on this weeks Share Your World by Cee’s Photography

In regards to puzzles, what’s your choice? Jigsaw, crosswords, word searches, mazes, logic, or numeric, something else or nothing?

I love all types of puzzle games.   Anything were I have to really think.  I generally stay away from maze games and sudoku, but I love word games.  Scrabble is my all time favourite game.  You wouldn’t think it because I usually spell stuff how it sounds, but playing Scrabble has really helped me with words I wouldn’t normally use.   Plus the challenge of using the double or triple word scores….oh yeah!!!  And I love getting the dreaded q,x,z tiles.

List at least 5 favourite treats, and it doesn’t have to be food:

Pecan Pie



Doing fun out of the ordinary things with my husband and son



iZombie – its what I’m watching right now when I have time

Chia seeds and hemp hearts – I’m addicted. They go on everything right now.

What is your favourite type of dog? ( it can be anything from a specific breed,  a stuff animal or a character in a movie)

I haven’t had a dog since I lived at home, 20 years or so ago.  When Steve and I first moved in together I really missed have a pet, but we weren’t home enough to have a dog so we settled on a cat.  We would never get a dog as long as our cat was still alive.  As the years progressed he back too old to be tolerable of having a dog.  Last Wednesday he moved on to kitty heaven after 17.5 years.

Now we are ready for another pet just yet but I have been looking at dogs, because I am a dog lover.  Thinking either an English Bulldog, Coonhound or a Beagle. But really I’m just as happy to rescue some sad eyes from the local shelter.

What did  you appreciate or what made you smile this week?

This past week was our annual cottage vacation up in the Muskoka’s.   A week with friends, soaking up the sun, splashing in the water, fishing, boated, tubing etc.  It is always tons of laughs.  Oh and the sunsets….. Sigh!!!



I even did a fun little photo piece called Even Death Needs A Vacation…..yes that’s me dressed up!  Got quite a few strange looks from that one!