Day 3 – On The Road To 2 Chesticles

So its the morning of Day 3 of the 8 Week Challenge.  Now two full days without sugar or pop.  Yesterday all I wanted was Chocolate Cake.  Weird because I don’t normally even eat Chocolate Cake.   But was craving it.  Didn’t give in though.

Today I feel like I am experiencing some detoxing symptoms.  I’m a bit foggy and Ive been alternating between being cold and having hot flashes and sweating.  But other than that, I been feeling good.

I am actually really enjoying the meals and snacks that I have been having.  This morning I enjoyed 2 scrabbled eggs topped with chia seeds and hemp hearts and gluten free brown rice bread.  And it was sooooo good. I was disappointed when it was done.


Now lets talk about the water intake.  I’ve always drank water, but not this much.   We are to have 8-10 glasses a day, so approximately 64 – 80oz of water a day.  Holy moly, my bladder has never gotten this much of a workout.   Not even on those drunken nights after you’ve broken the seal and can’t seem to every stop peeing.  LOL!!!

The daily support/ motivation from Briar, from the 8 Week Challenge has been awesome and the daily food tracker, where you upload photos of your meals/ snack and rate them Challenge Friendly or not, has been even better.

And the best part?!?!?!?!  I haven’t wanted to murder anybody yet, but then again the day is still young.


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