Share Your World – June 25, 2018

Here is my take on this weeks Share Your World from Cee’s Photography

If aliens land on earth tomorrow and offered to take you home with them, would you go?

Absolutely not!  I always think of aliens as scary and wanting to probe me in naughty places.  No thank you.  Hahahaha.  I am perfectly fine where I am.

How tall are you? Are you satisfied with your height?

I am 5’1″. A shorty.  And I love it! I wouldn’t want to be any other height.  And if I want to be taller, I just pop of a pair of heels and off I go.

Do you think you could live without your smartphone (or other technology) for 24 hours?

I could.  Part of using a smartphone so much is really just out of boredom or habit.  If I didn’t have it, I wouldn’t think about it.  I would love to just settle in with a good book or spend time with my husband and/ or son.

What did  you appreciate or what made you smile this past week?

I spent the day in New York City on Saturday.  I do this once a year with a girlfriend of mine.  We just spend the day wandering and doing whatever peaks our interest.  This year we walked the Brooklyn Bridge and it made me realize how out of shape I am.  lol!!! Tried some new restaurants and had some amazing meals. Shout out to Sean’s Bar & Kitchen.  They make a stiff drink!

Found a rock in Central Park and just dozed on and off for an hour or so.  Did a little shopping.  And as always, I pop over to Times Square.  No matter day or night, it is one of my favourite spots ever. I love the energy in Times SquareIMG_2909IMG_2908IMG_2897IMG_2893

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