Somehow I Got 4 Chesticles!!!

I’m going to share my journey with you.

Back in January I had noticed that I had started to gain weight.  My clothes were becoming tighter and uncomfortable.  The cups of my bra weren’t quite covering my boobs, giving me 4 boobs instead of two.  My cheeks were looking pretty chubby and no amount of makeup could contour them away. Funny-Weight-Loss-Inspiration-Quotes

Slowly, without me even noticing, the weight just crept up on me.  I gained close to 25lbs and went up 3 pants sizes without even noticing it, until one day I split a zipper open on my pants.  And my mood swings…..I constantly felt down every time I looked in the mirror.

Many things could attribute to this.  Food, lack of exercise, a few too many cocktails,  medications etc…. All I know is I was uncomfortable all of the time, both mentally and physically.

A little bit of a back story….

5 years ago I got really sick.  It got to the point where I couldn’t keep any foods in.  I was drained.  I had been for many many tests over the course of 6 months, all coming back negative.

While in between doctors visits, tests and test results,  I was encouraged to visit a Naturopath.  At the time I thought they were hookey, but I was desperate, so I gave it a go.  Through a blood test, she was able to determine that I was allergic to many foods that were causing this sickness in my body.  Gluten, dairy, eggs both duck and chicken, beef, broccoli, pineapple, cranberries and a few other things.

Normally they recommend slowly weaning your body off of the gluten but I went cold turkey.  Things got much worse before they got better as I went through a detox that they say is similar to what heroin addicts experience.

As my body started to heal itself and the toxins left my body,  I dropped 30 lbs, going down to 117lbs (too skinny), but end up regulating at 122.  I felt great. Healthy. More energy.  Even my overall personality was friendlier.

And I stayed this was for the past 4 years.

Back to the present…..

So now here I am, weighing the most I ever have in my life and needing to do something about it.  I knew that I couldn’t do it on my own.  I just don’t have the self regulation to do it.  There’s always that devil on my shoulder that says “just eat it” lol.  And let’s face it, I am a carb addict.  I love carbs.  Hmmmm…..spoonful’s of Nutella…..sigh!

Anyways….I have decided to give the 8 Week Challenge a go. 730abe1100b4ea8cbdd9c5a3a069e555---week-challenge-butt-workouts

The 8 Week Challenge is a food-focused program with simple guidelines that anyone can follow. Teaching you what to eat, when to eat and why, with support the entire 56 days.

The challenge started on June 18, this past Monday.  All of the participants are currently in a week of learning.  How to read labels, what kinds of foods to eat, etc.  There is also an app which allows members access to see challenge friendly foods at local grocery stores and restaurants.

The actual challenge is for 56 days and starts this Monday, June 25. gym-humor-diet-and-fitness-humor-fitness-memes-gym-memes-diet-weight-loss-fat-fat-loss-cro-1024x1024

During the challenge you follow an eating schedule, eliminating sugar, caffeine and alcohol all while eating challenge friendly foods and incorporating exercise.

For me eliminating sugar and exercise will be the hardest part.  Eeeekkk! lol!

So, I have decided to blog my challenge and see where this thing goes.

Stay tuned…..


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