I Speak English & Canadian


I was scrolling through Twitter the other day and came across a post that said

“If I don’t understand what someone is talking about, I assume they are speaking Canadian.”

I actually stopped and laughed out loud at that one.

I mean, do we really speak that differently? I do realize that the farther east you travel, places like Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and more specifically Newfoundland, the Canadian dialect changes, but overall I think we all speak the same.

Maybe it’s not so much an accent change but the fact that we use words that only make sense in Canada.

I saved my toonies and loonies and had enough to by a new toque, some poutine, a bag of ketchup chips, a kinder egg and a twofer.  How aboot that eh?

cnd slang2

Whatever it is, I do find it amusing.

You can even get your own “real” Canadian name. Mine??? Winter Hoser.  lol! I think I will stick with the one that I was born with.


Have fun with this.  And take a minute and let me know what your true Canadian Name is.


19 thoughts on “I Speak English & Canadian

      1. Hahaha! I figured. Only gonna see the inside of the airport anyway. I suppose we can figure out the Canadian words. I sure hope that original comment you saw was meant to be a joke. 😃😃

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  1. Sorry Sasquatch is not what I would have been looking to be called…LOL

    Recently, I applied for two jobs passed in Canada – one was in Calgary and the other was in Mount Pearl. I think I might have been in heaven in either place.

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    1. Yeah, that’s not a great Canadian name. lol, but it is funny.

      I think you would have liked either place as well, although both can get quite cold. Newfoundlanders (Mount Pearl) tend to be very laid back and easy going. Known for being really friendly and welcoming.

      You mentioned getting a new job in one of your posts. Will you be staying in Colorado?

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