I’m An Antique of Youth

I once read somewhere that forty was the old age of the youth and that fifty was the youth of the old age.

I am a few weeks shy of my 42nd birthday so I must certainly be an archaic youth. Really its like being aged in Betty White years.  I am the Betty White of the youth.  0a6eff06778d989696adafa32edb018b

I can honestly say that I had very difficult time moving into my forties.  I didn’t handle it well.  I’ve had many conversations with friends and co-workers about this new decade of life.  For me personally, I think it is much more difficult for a woman in her forties than a man.  And maybe I am very wrong in saying that.  Remember this is just the view from inside my head.

I feel like I got to 40 and was like “now what?”  When you are in your 20’s, forty seems so much older, so far away.  The choices in life seem endless, time seems endless.  Then real life pops up and time flies by and things don’t seem so endless anymore.  71685a1ddfbd22d763a0de28380855f4

In some ways I still feel youthful, but full of more life experiences.  We all have things that we have learned along the way that we would love to share with our younger self.  Tidbits and words of encouragement.  Maybe suggesting a different path on the fork in the road.  Or maybe you would do it all the same, because everything happens for a reason.  Maybe you are meant to be exactly where you are.

Maybe it will be the next twenty years, when you move into the youth of your old age, that you will take the wisdom from the past part of you life and live! Experience life to the fullest in the truest way to you.

For me, I am trying to be the healthiest me that I can be. Mind, body and soul.  I want to move into the next parts of my years with clarity and awareness.  I want to push myself past my comfort zone, even when it scares me.  They say the best stuff happens there.

So has I navigate these golden years of my youth, I try to remember that every year that I go older it is a blessing.  Not everyone gets to do it.

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3 thoughts on “I’m An Antique of Youth

  1. I also think about these things, as a youthful feeling not-youth. I think its important to cultivate intergenerational relationships. Youth can feel so alienating, but they need us and our experiences! And we need those of the older people…

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  2. When I was a kid, I thought there should be a mandatory termination date at 50 years old (yeah, I was weird)…now that I am 43 and my son turns 21 the year I turn 50, I am looking forward to 50…lol. Now I live by the adage, life begins at 50.


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