Reading…It’s In My Blood

I love to read. I’d prefer it over watching a movie or TV any day. I love the books that just grab you right from the beginning. The ones that keep you turning the pages long after you should have gone to bed. And I love when others share in my joy of reading, especially if we love the same book.

Also I really enjoy getting recommendations.

So I ask, what book(s) would you recommend to me? A book that you’re really excited about and think others should read?

2 thoughts on “Reading…It’s In My Blood

  1. Look these up on Good Reads for details about what they are about:
    Sing Unburied, Sing
    Lincoln in the Bardo

    And if you haven’t read it yet… It should be on the top of your list:
    A Man Called Ove

    Also, another “oldie” that I JUST read and loved was The Snow Child.

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