Let’s Never Find A Cure

It is amazing what laughter can do for a person.  How it can infect one’s soul with energy and awaken us.  How is can change a bad day. Or bad news.  How it can offer relief, even if only temporary.

What makes you laugh?  Is it a funny joke or a comedian?   A witty one liner?  Maybe something silly or goofy you spouse or kids did.  Perhaps a pet that has done something ridiculous? Sometimes it’s someone else’s laugh.   You know the one.  It gets you laughing so hard you can’t even remember what you where laughing about in the first place.  Where your belly aches and your eyes become a stream.

Have you laughed today? What was it that made you laugh? Was it just a chuckle or may a full out roar of laughter? How did it make you feel?  Did it change your day in anyway, even if momentarily?

Infect your soul today with laughter and then spread it on!  Change a moment of your time and feed your soul some happiness.  Let’s never find a cure!

The Daily Post – Daily Prompt – Infect


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