Don’t Wish The Sh!t Away

Tomorrow my one and done turns 12.   Where does the time go???

I remember the early years of his life, specifically the first 3.  I used to call my mom, so upset, just wanting the day to go by faster.  Or for him to get out of whatever stage he was going through.  She always used to say not to wish his life away, that the days and years go by so fast that I will look back and wonder where the hell time went.

cba5795fa0ecee2725d4126663763560--mama-quotes-humor-quotesNow at the time, in the thick of things, I never believed her.   I mean lets face it, for me anyways, being a parent to a needy, crying, shitting baby or a toddler full of temper tantrums that Won’t. Go. To. Sleep, is not all its cracked up to be. But now looking back, I realize how right she was.  The years have flown by.  Time went through the hour glass much faster then I could have ever imagined.

The trials and tribulations of the baby and toddler years are long gone. And while each new year brings with it new challenges, I have long stopped wishing his days away.  I take time at the end of the each day to just hang out with him.  Usually an hour or so before his bedtime.  Sometimes he will chat about his day or we will talk about mine. If anything is bothering him I know this is the time when he will tell me.  Other times we do nothing but read. 91c9293b7383760e2835ee9edbacfa38

So for the days when I would have put him out with the recycling, to now when I wouldn’t give him away for anything in the world (most days anyways), I tell all moms and dads to enjoy single day.  Even the days when they’ve shit themselves in the jolly jumper and they are up to their ears in crap.

So Happy 12th to my kidlet and Happy Mothers Day to all parents out there. May the odds be ever in our favour!

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