Your Beliefs Are Uniquely You

I do not believe in God!

Gasp!!! Shoot down the lightening bolts now and mark my place in Hell!

Just not my thing.  For me I need proof that God exists and not just a book that has told me so.

When we had our son,  my husband and I chose not to push any religion on him.  We decided that whatever his religious beliefs would be, they need to be chosen by him.  This is not something that we can decide for him, nor should we.  If he asks questions, I answer them.  If he ever wanted to explore the different religions and wanted to go to church I would take him.  The choices are his and his alone.  And the possibilities are endless.

The belief within our home is that we will treat all people with kindness and respect. Weit-is-your-choices-that-make-you-uniquely-you-quote-1 will be polite.  We will work hard and do what is best to be true to ourselves.  And that we will not judge other peoples choices.  That we are not infallible. That we are human.

Let your beliefs be whatever they may be. Whatever power you believe in let it be true to you! All choices should be celebrated.  It doesn’t make you a rebel, it makes you uniquely you!

The Daily Post – Daily Prompt – Rebel

Side Note: I love stories of the saints. I also love the unearthly energy and architecture of old churches. I find them very romantic.

**This post was inspired by a fellow blogger, Acquiescent Soul. **

4 thoughts on “Your Beliefs Are Uniquely You

      1. Good chills, of course!
        I am always amazed that I inspire anything…lol

        Ya know, I am looking at that struggle from a different aspect – I think it will lead me to a great, deeper understanding of myself. It almost reminds me when I struggled to understand the concept of equilibrium in chemistry when I first encountered it. 🙂


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