Let’s Giggle, It’s O69

A common question of co-workers on a Monday morning would be “what did you do this IMG_2283weekend?”

For me, this past Saturday night, I participated in a charity event put on by local hair salon.  They were holding a BINGO night and instead of money for prizes they were giving a way designer handbags.   Anything from Coach, to Kate Spade to Michael Kors.  The event was to raise funds for WaterAid Canada, a charity that sets up clean water wells,  sanitation and education of proper hygiene to some the worlds poorest counties.

I have to be honest, when I think of BINGO I picture a smoky hall filled with older ladies,63fb78c04deeb398c4fc615a0558aded troll dolls,  multi-coloured dabbers and hundred of bingo cards everywhere.  This was anything but.   I was astonished by the turnout.   There was a line to get in, even though tickets to the event had been purchased well in advance.   The attendance was large, well over 250 people, and varied in age and sex.

It was a well run event with lots of laughter and heckles from the crowd every time O69 was called.  I left with the purse that I came with but brought home the memories of a fun, yet different, night out that helped out a good cause!

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