Cee’s Share Your World – April 30, 2018

Its question and answer time again……so here is goes!

Do you use paper money? If so is your money organized sequentially according to denomination?

I rarely use it anymore.  There just doesn’t seem to be a need for it.   Yet, when I do have it, its shoved however and wherever in my wallet or purse, but funny enough I always know where it is.   monopoly-money_wide-1991457caf6d29cc74ab436d7d4139d1c630672e-s900-c85

Now if I am giving away money, like a gift or to the bank, I always and I mean always, put it in order, lowest to highest, with them facing the correct way.

And if I am playing Monopoly, the money is always lined up lowest to highest.

You are comfortable doing nothing? For long stretches of time?

Nope not really.  I am comfortable being by myself for long periods of time, but not doing anything.   I feel insecure, especially in public.  I need to be doing something, usually reading or playing on my phone.  I can’t even relax for long in a hot bubble bath.  I don’t even nap and if I do its for like 20 mins and then I am done.

The only time I can ever remember just do nothing was when I was in high school (25 or so years ago) and I tried acid.  No judging..lol!!!  I sat by one of the canal locks for about 4 hours and watched a ship go through.  Did nothing but just sat and watched.  Not sure if that really counts.  Hahaha!

What is your greatest strength?

I am very calm in stressful, chaotic or emergency situations.   I don’t easily fluster.  Except on Friday’s after working all day and the highway is jammed up because someone had gotten into an accident.  I commute for work and by the end of the week I just want to go home.

Oh and if the dishes are stacked wrong……yes there’s a proper way!!!

What did you appreciate or what made you smile this past week?  Feel free to use a quote, a photo, a story, or even a combination. 

My son received an academic and student of the month award at school.  I was so proud of him.  He struggles in school, especially in reading and writing.  He finds it hard.  He is so active and is a much more hands on learner.  This year he has had an amazing teacher who has really turned things around for him.  He has put so much more effort into his school work, mainly because he values his teacher opinion so much.  And that effort really paid off.  I took the afternoon off to see him accept the award.  It was a great end to the week.

Cee’s Share Your World – April 30, 2018

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