Its Worth The Wait….Maybe, Maybe Not

This past weekend, we had plans to go to dinner at a local steak house.  It is a very popular restaurant in our community, but unless you have more then 6 people in your party you cannot make reservations.

Knowing that it was Saturday night, it was the first really nice weekend in months and that restaurant was favoured, I had a vague idea of the wait times.  Figuring roughly what time we would like to eat by, the plan was to go early and enjoy a few cocktails in the bar area.  Best laid plains and all that.

Didn’t happen! By the time we actually got to the restaurant the wait times where around 1.5 hrs.  We were all hungry and no one wanted to wait.  An alternative a was chosen and the end result was the same.   Lots of laughs, a good time and a fully belly.

So I ask this….what’s the longest you have waited for something that you wanted?

The Daily Post – Daily Prompt – Vague

4 thoughts on “Its Worth The Wait….Maybe, Maybe Not

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