Review – Cocky Nerd by Kayley Loring

16075917While looking for a fun weekend read, I stumbled upon Cocky Nerd by Kayley Loring.  At that point I had not read anything by this author, but right away I loved the cover and the blurb and decided that this would be my weekend read.  Realistically though??? It ended up being a Friday night/ early Saturday morning read.   I read well into the night, many times saying to myself, that famous line all of us die hard readers say “Just one more chapter” Ha!!!

Cocky Nerd is told in a dual POV which always scores points with me.  I love when authors write from the male POV. And let me tell you, Miss Loring wrote Johnny Nerdballs Brant to perfection.  His character is hot, super smart & charming, yet there were so many times that I wanted to punch him in the face at a rate of some mathematical equation….read the book, you’ll see what I mean.

I really enjoyed that Kayley didn’t write the typical alpha male lead.  It was a very welcome change from the norm and worked so well for the over flow and story line of the book. 

A line from the female lead, Olivia, perfect sums up this book:

In just a week, John Brandt has gone from Brother’s Annoying Friend That I Want To Punch, to Person I Can’t Imagine Living Without Despite Sometimes Wanting To Punch Him.

I easily rate Cocky Nerd a 5 Star read! Its fun, unique, witty and steamy!  You will not be disappointed.   Also, it is currently available on KU!

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