Friday Fivesome with Author Kayley Loring

Friday5Welcome to my first and what I hope to be many, Friday Fivesomes, where I ask an author 5 random questions about themselves.

This week, I was lucky enough to have Kayley Loring, author of Cocky Nerd and the Work Less, Play More Series, agreed to play along.

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Let’s see what Miss Loring had to say:

1.  A new crayon is being named after you.   What colour would it be and what would it be called?

It would be called Dork Red Lipstick, and it would be a bold red for drawing the lips of shy lady dorks like me who try to hide their shy dorkiness behind a veil of wit and sophisticated cosmetics.

2.  You’re getting a reality show.  What would it be called?

It would be called, “Oh My God – WHAT -NOW?!?!?”

It would be me yelling at my printer every day. Half of my dialogue would be bleeped out, but the conflicts would be real, and I’d wear cute outfits.

3.  What song almost always ends up on your playlist?
“Waiting In Vain,” both the Bob Marley and the Annie Lennox versions.  Which is ironic because I’m so impatient.

4.  If you were to name your child/ pet after the last thing you ate, what would its name be?

Overpriced organic gluten-free dairy-free non-gmo matcha energy bar.  Matcha Bar for short.

5.  What is your favourite quote or saying?

“If you’re going through hell, keep going.”  Winston Churchill


About Kayley Loring

workation-blog-titleKayley Loring has, until recently, been a borderline workaholic living in Los Angeles.  In the summer of 2017 she moved her adorable family to a beautiful suburb of Portland, Oregon.  She can now breathe clean air while enjoying the great outdoors, and drive around without swearing at strangers.  It’s pretty great.  When not writing, she can happily channel her obsessive energies into plant hoarding, book hoarding, and Anglophilia (ie. being a Hiddlestoner, a Cumberbitch, whatever you call a Luke Evans fan, and binge-watching Harry Potter movies and BBC mysteries).  The rest of the time, she’s feeding indoor cats, outdoor birds and squirrels, telling herself she should do more yoga, and looking for the perfect pair of boots.

The Work Less, Play More books are a series of standalone romantic comedies that are connected by theme.  They are all about work-obsessed women and men who learn to love and relax more while they are on mandatory vacations.

Check out my 5* review of Cocky Nerd here

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