The Disgruntled Workout

I just going to say it…I flat out hate working out. It’s just not something that I enjoy. Sure I feel great afterwards, but it takes all that I am just to get started.

I can find a millions reasons not to exercise. My most common reason, like most of us, is time. Just not enough of it. I’m a working mom, with a son who plays sports. I also commute daily for work and by the I get home, and get dinner ready, the last thing I want to do is exercise. I mean it feels like a workout just strapping myself into a sports bra.

You know those people that love working out???? Well they’re aliens. It can’t be natural to want to push your body like that and get all sweaty and shit. BTW, my sister is an alien. She must have been adopted.

But somehow I’ve found myself in my forties and feel this need to take better care of myself. I’ve never been overweight or unhealthy, but I do know that exercise helps with not only our bodies but our minds as well.

So I begrudgingly workout, sometimes scheduling it into my day like I would a doctors appointment. And even though I could easily pull one of those excuses out of the hat, like my socks don’t match or I have a hangnail, I do it.

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