A Luminescent Goddess

Note ~ Erotic short ~

She may have looked innocent, yet she was anything but.   Her luminescent beauty and seemingly harmless aura gave men a false sense of safety.  She worked this to her advantage. 2d67c49b3728b32817103a20436f12641

Priapus, as Greek mythology would tell, was a minor god of fertility and male genitalia, known for his over sized and very permanent erection.  Stupid storytellers.   Priapus was very much female, and yes, she maybe a minor goddess of fertility, but she excelled at seduction that caused those very engorged, fabled erections.   She had her mother, Aphrodite, to thank for teaching Priapus about the art of pleasure.

Priapus was anything but pure. She was an enchantress, using her sinful body and sweet smile to lure men in to her web, feeding off of their lust and sexual desires.  It is what gave Priapus strength and power.


She fed their minds with dark fantasies, stimulating their bodies and enthralling them into her harem of men, to be used how and when she saw fit. Never to be seen again among the humans again.

So remember this gentlemen, should you stumble across a demur beauty alone in the woods, she is anything but.



The Daily Post – Daily Prompt – Luminescent

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