Book Review – Glamour of Midnight by Casey L Bond

Glamour of Midnight by Casey L Bond is an Urban Fantasy retelling of Snow White. It’s a dark fairy tale set in the world of Faerie. A quest of life and death, love and hate.

Told from both points of view, we become immersed in this journey with Karis (Snow) and Loftin (Huntsman), as they make their way towards the Court of Ash to destroy The Queen.

Miss Bond’s mind is so unique and creative that I felt like I had fallen down a rabbit hole and was journeying through a new type of wonderland.

Although Midnight of Glamour is listed as YA, the writing was very mature, yet not sexually graphic. It was very reminiscent of stepping into Karen Marie Monings Fever books for the first time.

Casey L Bond should get more than 5⭐️ for Glamour of Midnight…but it’s all I have to give, so let’s through in a bottle of whiskey too! 🥃

A recommended must read if you’re a lover of fairytales and urban fantasy genres. And it’s currently available on Kindle Unlimited

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