The Calendar May Say Its Spring…..

As I think many of us in the more northern climates can agree, it’s been a long f@&$ing winter. I have had more then enough of the cold and snow. I hardly like it even when we have a more mild winter, so this one has been especially hard.

With Spring in her inchoate stages, I decided to get the kidlet off his PlayStation, Fortnite battles will have to wait, and get out in the fresh air. Of course this was not without some grumbling on his part.

We bundled up, since it’s still quite cold in these parts, 0c (30F), and headed out for the woods.

Although cold, some much needed sun was gracing us with its presence. But of course all good things must come to an end. The snow clouds starting moving in and we started getting cold, so home we went.

Now the snow has started, once again. Gah, will it ever end! And the kidlet is back to battling on Fortnite. But at least we end the hike with a “This was fun mom, let’s do itagain!”

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