That 3 O’Clock Time of Day

Its Friday afternoon at 3pm.  Almost at the end of the long haul called my work week.   Just one more hour to go and I can bust out of here.  1-three-oclock-carol-leigh

I have a love/ hate relationship with this time of day.  Its that last hour before the weekend starts. I love it just because it just that…the last hour of the last day of the week.  But I equally hate it for the same reason. It’s that last hour of the last day of the week seems to take forever!

Let’s face it, I’m already in weekend mode.   My mind is anywhere else but on work.   I’m checking the clock every 2 minutes just to see if its moved 20 minutes instead.  I’ve actually already checked it 3 times while typing this blog post.

Its like being back in grade school and watching the clock for that magic time of the day!  That slow tick of the minute hand.   I should tell my boss that I have PTSD from my school days and I can only work 1/2 days on Friday.

I actually love coming to work, its just this time of day.

So smile and make the best of the time of day that you love/ hate the most!

Happy Weekend!

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