Book Review – The Swedish Prince by Karina Halle

Wow!!! I could start and end this review The Swedish Prince in one 38659522sentence…..This is the BEST Contemporary Romance that I have read in years!!!!!  

I am so in love with this book.  Karina Halle wrote this love story to perfection.  It made me swoon like a teen girl, falling in love with her prince charming for the first time.  At times I had a lump in my throat or tears in my eyes.   I laughed, yet felt frustrated too.

Normally when reading a book, I will highlight a sentence or two that I really liked.   With The Swedish Prince, I found myself highlights paragraphs upon paragraphs of words that moved me.

“Man, I thought Prince Eric was such a babe.”

“From The Little Mermaid?” he mumbles into me.

“Yes. Him and Prince Phillip. The way he slayed that dragon for her…anyway. These princes were ingrained in our heads as children and as we got older, we not only realized that Prince Charming was never coming for us, but that we didn’t want him. The real princes seemed so stuffy, so cold. Don’t get me wrong, I love Prince Harry and I guess William is okay, but in general, the term prince lost its meaning. It no longer conjured up the fantastic. But you…you Viktor, you are a prince in every way shape and form. You embody the word, you are selfless and kind and proud and smart and noble and you care, more than anything, you care. You’re the prince that every girl had a fantasy about but you’re more than that, because you’re real. You’re so real. And you’re here right now and you’re with me and I can’t…I can’t thank you enough.”

Halle, Karina. The Swedish Prince (p. 192). Metal Blonde Books. Kindle Edition.

This is a feel good romance with a HEA ending.  If this were a movie, you’d want to watch it over and over again.

The eye catching cover, the sizzling sex scenes, the loveable characters, and the amazing plot,  The Swedish Prince as it all and Karina Halle does not disappoint.

I give, what I feel to be her best Contemporary Romance to date, 5 Stars!


P.S.  I hope we see a Norwegian Prince book in the future.

P.P.S – Miss Halle’s muse for Victor (the prince) was Armie Hammer which I think was beyond perfect.

P.P.P.S – I looked up the actual Swedish Prince, Prince Carl Philip….Holy Hotness Batman

Next Read – Glamour of Midnight by Casey L Bond

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