Book Review ~ Avalanche by Cambria Hebert

Welcome to the world of Bearpaw Resort in snowy Caribou, Colorado. Hot and snowy that is.

Avalanche is the first book in Cambria Herbert’s new series Bearpaw Resort. This is a New Adult, second chance series.

Right away Cambria pulls you in the book when Bellamy, through a bullet hole in the wall, witnesses her father being murdered. The writing in the prologue is so well done, so intense, that you feel Bellamy’s fear deep within your self.

When the Witness Protection Program fails to keep Bellamy safe, she flees to a place she swore never to return to, Bearpaw Resort. A place where 8 years earlier, she fell in love with pro snowboarder, Liam Mattison. The same place 8 years earlier, she had her heart broken.

This story is told in a dual POV, which I love. It is well written and portrays the type of love that can withstand time, distance, heartache and deadly mobsters.

“One slight movement brought us together. It was the greatest rush I had ever known. Greater then roaring down the mountain, greater than nailing a jump everyone told me was impossible. It was even greater than then the time I’d gotten so much air it felt as though I was flying.”

“Nothing compared to how Bellamy’s lips felt against mine.”

This is my third series written by Cambria Herbert, having read her Hashtag and Amnesia series before this one. Bearpaw Resort seems to be on track to be a combination of the two.

Miss Hebert has all the bases covered with this new series. She’s crafted words of wit and humour along with romance and suspense, then added it the exact amount of heat!

Overall I give Avalanche 4 1/2 stars. You won’t be disappointed with it. And better yet, it’s available on KU.

Looking forward to continuing this journey with Bellamy and Liam into Book 2.

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