Justday. The Missing Day in Our Week.

We need to add Justday into our week.  You know that day that doesn’t exist in between Sunday and Monday???  Yeah, that day.

Its the day of the week that you Just Be.  Just do anything you want.   Just relax or Just spend time with your families.  We seemed to have lost that day.  Weekends have become nothing more then an extension of our work week. Instead of business meetings, project deadlines and customer demands, we have sporting events,  multiple errands and demanding children. just-be

That excitement we feel for Fridays is quickly replaced by the common thought “Where the hell did the weekend go??”

We need time to decompress and wind down.   Work on that favourite hobby. Read a book. Take a nap. Spend time with family or just be alone.  Whatever it is for you!

Just Be!


One thought on “Justday. The Missing Day in Our Week.

  1. Intriguing that this lines up with advice I’ve been given lately…lol

    I was saying this the other day that I just feel like I never take time to just enjoy life, I never stop and smell the flowers, I have forgotten to appreciate the sun shining or the rain falling and I think it’s time to do just that… 🙂

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